US$3.5M has been secured by ‘Yours’, personalized skincare solutions startup

With participation from Sequoia Capital, Kindred Ventures, Global Founders and a celebrity fund, seed funding round has helped Yours Skinlabs Pte Ltd (Yours), a beauty tech startup based and headquartered in Singapore raise capital worth US$ 3.5 million.

Ex- Uber employees Navneet Kaur and Shivam Sharma founded the neauty tech startup last year in November to offer personalized skincare product brand entirely prioritizing its consumers.

The beauty tech offers consumers products that are truly viable for them through a unique questionnaire that it requires its consumers to first answer on its website. The questionnaire is designed to put together an entire set of skincare routine that is the most appropriate for the individual customer, from the company’s line of products. Questions including age, smoking habits, number of hours the customer sleeps and finally a selfie is required to be uploaded. Computer vision algorithms are then used to analyze the above to come arrive at an outcome.

With a starting price of US$149 per kit, these kits which are personalized as per customers usually constitute of eye serum, day cream, night cream and a face serum.

Its products are made in Switzerland, are environmental and animal friendly and Yours does not compromise with the safety and hygiene and uses only effective and clean formulations.

Interestingly, while keeping the changing weather, environment and skin needs, the startup also offers subscription services. Through its subscription- based service, the client can purchased these customized kits every two months.

According to Navneet Kaur, who is the co- founder of Yours, individuality, inclusivity and efficacy will be the primary focus of skincare in the coming generations. The concept of one- size- fits- all is now completely outdated and will be replaced soon as the new consumers demand new models; thus a transformation is inevitable.

Dr.James Robinson

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