The newly launched iOS 13 is already running on 50 Percent of iPhones

While going to buy a new smartphone, most of us have faced the choice of choosing either an Android or on iOS smartphone. The variety one can get when looking for an Android phone is far wider than when choosing an iOS based Apple smartphone. However; the one point in which an Apple iPhone running on iOS is superior than an Android phone is that it doesn’t face fragmentation and a lack of updates; which unfortunately is a problem faced by Android smartphones.

As high as 50 percent of the already existing iPhones have started running on the new version within just a month the new iOS 13 being launched by the company; according to Apple. The figure is 55 percent for those iPhones that have been released in the past four years.

This is not just limited to Apple’s smartphones, but 33 percent of iPads are already using the latest version of iPad OS released on September 24th this year, and for those that have been released in the last four years the percentage is an impressive 41 percent. Since iPads have their own operating systems now, and they do not run on iOS like they used to before; the adoption figures of iOS 13 are rather amazing.

You can keep your devices up- to- date if you maintain a complete control over the newly launched devices; this in turn makes them both more secure and get advanced features. Notably, when it comes to Android, Google can roll out updates freely only to its own Pixel as other phones’ manufacturers also have a say. A smooth and highly polishes experience has been delivered by Apple with its latest iOS13, which has both new looks and privacy related features which is why it already so popular and so many users are adopting it. However; like any other version, this latest version also has its own set of limitations.

Dr.James Robinson

Dr.James Robinson, MD, MS is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine DescriptionThe Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is a private graduate medical school in Manhattan, New York City, where he serves as a founding co-Director of the Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness. He is a practising general internist and pharmacoepidemiologist and is internationally recognised for his research examining prescription drug utilisation. Dr.James Robinson is the author of over a hundred scientific articles and book chapters, is a frequent speaker on health care issues and has served on numerous editorial and advisory boards. Email Id:

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