Masimo’s Wireless Radius Capnography System by Masimo now gets clearance in Europe, after the United States

Having being cleared in the United States, the portable real- time CO2 monitor Radius Capnography system by Masimo has now received European regulatory approval according to the company’s recent announcement. The Root Patient monitor by Masimo which is hugely popular will get to interface with the new Radius Capnography system thanks to the Bluetooth wireless connectivity that is also featured in the latter.

The placement of endotracheal tubes can be checked and monitored by the anesthesiologists thanks to the real- time capnography. Apart from this, the other benefits include finely tuning the effectiveness of chest compressions and also detecting when after the compressions; the patient in question’s heart starts pumping blood.

Interestingly, the new system does not need to be calibrated every now and then to ensure accurate readings and the measuring of exhaled carbon dioxide (EtCO2), can be done using the new Radius Capnography for all patients irrespective of their age. Apart from real- time  EtCO2 and respiration rate, the system which gets ready to go within about 15 seconds; is also equipped to provide EtCO2 waveforms.

In the recent announcement, Masimo explained further about some important features of its new system; Radius Capnography system. It shared that due to the cable- free Capnography that the system can provide, there is improvement in workflow. The capnography monitored as result is not interrupted as much as tugging is minimized on the breathing circuit. The company also pointed out that electronic charting of the data related to the patient is automated in the new system.

An easy and interpretable secondary display of large, crisp EtCO2 waveforms, improves visibility thanks to the new system’s large, multi- touch high- resolution screen. This further helps the clinician in identifying wave patterns suggestive of airway obstruction or tube dislodgement. Lastly, Masimo also mentioned about the Hasle- free connectivity the Radius Capnography system provides as it is both cable- free as mentioned above; and also enable quick Bluetooth pairing.

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray is a drug policy researcher affiliated with the Faculty of Human and Social Development at the NYU School of Medicine in New York University, New York, NY 10016, United States.

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