FDA Clearance granted to the new Omega FluoroShield which helps in reducing Radiation Exposure

FluoroShield technology and 2020 Cardiac Flat Panel Detector, both of which have been developed by a firm based in Sanford, Florida; Omega Medical Imaging; has received clearance from FDA. In course of interventional procedures, by using fluoro or cine (short X-ray movies of the beating heart) imaging, the newly developed FluoroShield automatically aims the radiation beam across the area of interest. Omega’s TruBlock auto collimation technology is to be thanked for this.

There is visibility as far as the tissues around the region are concerned, but they are not exposed to the radiation thankfully. The reason why they stay protected from the radiation is the instantaneous merging of live images in the target area with previously taken images that contain the surrounding regions.

The interesting part here is that the information extracted regarding the imaging is just the same but the true benefit lies in the fact that the patient is protected from the radiation exposure to a much greater level. Additionally, the process involved in getting these results is also the same and no additional work is required.

By observing where the instruments are advanced, the system follows accordingly automatically, as a result to which the window of interest is also moved outlined by a box on the fluoroscopy display. Thus it can be noted here that each time an exposure is taken it is of where the clinical focus is.

In a press release recently, President of Omega Medical Imaging; Brian Fleming shared that till date the market has products that are only able to manage radiation to patients and staff, whereas the first ever system all around the world to be able to successfully provide and actual reduction in dose of radiation is their newly developed FluoroShield™.

It can hardly be denied that this is a breakthrough making it safer for patients.

Andrew Gray

Andrew Gray is a drug policy researcher affiliated with the Faculty of Human and Social Development at the NYU School of Medicine in New York University, New York, NY 10016, United States.

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