Apple Acquires Tueo Health Accelerating its Healthcare Push

Healthcare industry is abuzz with Apple’s novel expansion strategies. Reportedly it has bought Tueo Health, a California-based start-up, renowned for its works on innovative asthma monitoring technology. It has been reported that Apple may have acquired the company in the late 2018 as around this time the firm’s official LinkedIn page listed Apple as their employer. The financial terms of the contract are however not known yet.

Tueo Health’s app is designed to track potential asthma related issue in sleeping children. It is a mobile application, fitted with sensors that alert caregivers or parents about the possibility of any asthma related issue in sleeping children. The app is particularly designed to alert caregivers as and when breathing patterns of children change.

With this deal Apple is aiming at bolstering its intellectual property. Furthermore, it would help the company expand its footprint in the healthcare space. This is not the first time that the tech giant has aimed at a strong push into the healthcare field. Insiders have revealed that the company aims at becoming the data backbone for patient care.

The market opportunities in this field is remarkably rising and Apple identifies its healthcare and wellness applications as the crucial part of its services, applications, and wearable strategies. Currently the company is focusing to become personal health records monitor of patients and caregivers. In order to achieve the same it is increasingly investing in research and development of various medical devices, apps, software, and more.

For instance, the company has recently added to its portfolio a latest feature in the Apple watch. It has added echocardiogram to its latest version of Apple watch. This new feature will allow the wearable device to monitor the heart rhythm of those wearing it and track irregularities.

Furthermore, a few years back, Apple also acquired a startup called Glimpse. The startup is developing various technologies to aggregate medical records.

Dr.James Robinson

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