Amazon opts for crowdsourcing of answers to niche questions to be answered by Alexa

There are some questions when asked Alexa, the voice assistant has trouble responding to. Amazon has come up with an idea which may not be liked by all but according to the company’s plans, it will let people create answers for all such questions.

In December last year, the company had launched a website called Alexa Answers as an invite- only platform, and now the plan for the company is to crowd-source the information on the same website. For this to work, on Thursday the company firstly opened the site for all so that anyone who wishes to write answers for Alexa users that have niche questions to ask.

Wikipedia, and Yelp are some of the sources that are currently accessed by Alexa for the queries asked by users. Though, it can hardly be denied, that certain “curve ball” questions are still brought forward by the users; as the company’s blog post read in December.

To fill the gaps in Alexa’s knowledge base, the company has chosen crowdsourcing as an option as it doesn’t have a massive search engine like Google. Though, this does not involve any incentives or rewards, just the satisfaction of influencing a popular voice assistant.

The glaring and apparent concern to this idea naturally is if the site can prevent hateful content or inaccurate answers from infiltrating the platform, for which automated folders to scan out profanity and politically charged questions from surfacing on site; will be used by Amazon along with human editors.

Down-voting and up-voting of answers through the medium of rating is another method that will be used by the company. Answers that are incorrect, incomprehensible or even inappropriate can be flagged. The number of times a person gives accurate answers; they will be granted points as an incentive for encouraging the community and thereby ensuring they police themselves.

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